Saturdays with Horses



Mia and I spend a little time every Saturday riding horses. Above is Mia and Cookie yesterday afternoon. We both love it, probably for different reasons. But we both adore these amazing creatures and cherish the time we spend with them. It’s an opportunity to get away from a


hectic lifestyle and just simply be…and simply be together.

Below is DJ the horse I’m currently riding. He is so handsome and he’s just like a big kid. He’s a


Fjord and his crazy trot offers quite a challenge! Sometimes I think I’m going to fall off, it’s so bumpy. But I like the challenge – he teaches me a lot. And then when he canters the reward pays off because it’s as smooth as anything you’ve ever ridden. He’s amazing and I’m always grateful to him after a ride. A fact which I like to let him I know with a huge and kiss on his sweet horse-scented neck.